Prof. Dr. Ida Hanarida Somantri

Food Crops

Prof. Dr. Ida Hanarida

Ida Hanarida Somantri was born in 1952. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degree in agriculture from the Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Padjajaran. She completed her Doctoral Program from the IPB University. She was inaugurated as the 107th Research Professor of Agricultural Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia or the 399th nationally after delivering her scientific oration entitled “Acceleration of Assembling Superior Rice Varieties with the Assistance of Non-Conventional Breeding”.

She worked at Bogor Agricultural Research Center (LP3 Bogor), which was in charge in the rice breeding division in Muara. Then, she moved to the Research and Development Agency Ministry of Agriculture Indonesia, and Balitbio (which later changed its name to BB Biogen). Beside being a researcher, she was also the Chair of the Agricultural Genetic Resources Unit, Member of TP2V (Variety Assessment and Release Team), Member of the National Commission on Genetic Resources, Member of the National Germplasm Commission, and the Biosafety Technical Team (TTKH).

She had released several rice varieties, including Inpari HDB (through another culture) and Inpari Blas, and produced more than 100 primary scientific papers and reviews published in journals, proceedings and special edition academic papers both in Indonesian language and english. She also joined several professional organizations, such as PERIPI and SABRAO. She contributed also to the Formulating Team for the Grand Strategy Concept for Germplasm Management of the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development Ministry of Agriculture, Member of the Human Resources and Ethics Team for BB Biogen, Head of Sub Team for Compiling Policy Synthesis Report on Development of Agricultural Genetic Resources Biotechnology, Responsible for Biogen BB Rice Program, and Member of BB Biogen Policy Analysis Team. For her dedication, she was awarded the Satyalancana Karya Satya XX by the President of the Republic of Indonesia.