Prof. Dr. Ir. Deciyanto Soetopo, MS.


Prof. Dr. Ir. Deciyanto Soetopo, MS.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Deciyanto Soetopo, MS. He was born on 4 December 1954 in Surabaya. He got a  bachelor’s and master’s from Bogor Agriculture University (IPB) and a Ph.D. in entomology at the University of The Philippines, Los Banos (UPLB). His expertise is in Plant pests and Diseases. He was confirmed as the 80th research professor of the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) and as the 304th national research professor, with his scientific oration on Facing Issue on Residual Pesticide Limitation of Pepper Stemborer Control. His carrier was initially a co-lecturer of physics 1976-1977 in IPB since 1978 as a researcher at Industrial Crops Research Institute under IAARD, Indonesia Ministry of Agriculture.

The institute changed its name to Indonesian Centre Estate Crops for Research and Development (ICECRD). He mainly researched pepper, oil palm, sugarcane, cotton, clove, patchouli, mint, coconut, rosella,  physic nut, and tobacco, with more attention on Integrated Pest Management (IPM),  Bioprospective, Integrated of Plant-Animal, and Sustainable Estate Crops Development. Conducted foreign research collaboration IAARD-ACIAR (Integrated Oil Palm – Cattle System), China (Cotton Seed Production), and Egypt (Cotton Varieties Development).

Conducted research collaboration external of Ministry of Agriculture with Oil Palm Funding Management Agency (BPDKS) and Education Funding Management Institute (LPDP). He conducted research and development with the private sector in cotton production in East Sumba, NTT (2008-2010).

In leaderships experiences, he was (1) the head of the Information and Library Division, Coordinator of Research Collaboration, Pepper Research Programme Coordinator, Research Project Leader, and head of Pest and Disease Division in Central Research Institute for Spices and Medicinal Crops (Balittro); (2) head of Institute for Assessment of Agricultural Technology (BPTP) in  Riau province 2004-2005, (3) head of  Institute for Tobacco and Fibre Crops Research and Development  (Balittas) 2005-2010, Malang, East Jawa, (4) Team members of Human Resources Development of IAARD 2012-2022, (5) Team members of Country Border Agricultural Development Acceleration 2013-2018, (6) Team members of National Sugar Self Sufficiency Program 2015-2018, (7) Team members of Strengthen and Development of Agriculture Vocational Education, BBSDMP 2018-2021, (8) Team member of IAARD Organization Assessment 2018-2021, (9) Chairman of Program Legacy Construction of  Indonesia Ministry Agriculture 2021. He published 154 scientific articles in Indonesia and English as an author and co-author.

He is a chairman and member of three National Accredited Scientific Jurnal and a committee member, speaker, or participant in national or international scientific conferences. Already written five books serries of Agricultural Development Policy 2018-2020. He is a professional organization committee of (1) Indonesia Entomologist Association, (2) Indonesian Researchers Union (PPI), and (3) Communication Forum of Agricultural Research Profesor (CFARP).