Innovation and technology are solutions and keys to the nation’s development. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Indonesia has qualified agricultural research institution and producing various innovations such as superior varieties of rice, livestock, other commodities, including cultivation technology which are capable of realizing food self-sufficiency, especially rice and increase farmer’s income. Until now, many technologies have been invented and utilized, but some need to be accelerated to downstream process to be more useful.

APPERTANI or IAgRA is a non-profit scientific organization affiliated with the Research Professor Communication Forum (FKPR) of the Ministry of Agriculture, participating in leveraging innovation and the role of Research & Development, Human Resource Development in transferring Agricultural Science and Technology, training, young Agricultural Human Resources, and accelerating the adoption of innovation & agricultural technology by users.

The continous increase need of food and agricultural products along with the inrease in population must be supported by the availability of food in the right quantity, quality and time. The innovations and technologies needed in the production process of food and other important commodities are continuosly develoed and required a transfer process to be applied by farmers and other users. APPERTANI is to play a role in overcoming this problem.