Prof. Dr. Ir. Marwoto, M.S

Food Crops

Prof. Dr. Ir. Marwoto, M.S

Born in Nganjuk City, East Java on January 02, 1952. Elementary, junior high, high school education in Nganjuk, Bachelor of Agriculture in Plant Pest Science obtained from the Faculty of Agriculture, Brawijaya University Malang graduated in 1978. Master of Science in Plant Pests was obtained from Post Graduate Gajak Mada University Yogyakarta graduated in 1983. Doctor of Agricultural Sciences graduated in 2001 from Brawijaya University. The Functional Position of Principal Researcher (APU) was achieved in 2004.

Inaugurated as Research Professor in 2006 and is the 19th Research Professor of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency or the 87th National Level. Marwoto also participated in various trainings at home and abroad, including: Farming Pattern Training (SFCDP -CRIF) in Bogor; Rice Garden Training Course at IRRI Los Banos Philippines; Training Course Integrated Management Of Legume Pests Joint Organized By AARD, ACIAR and ICRISAT in Malang; Agricultural Product Communication in Ciawi; Parasitoid Utilization and Development Training (Exploration, Identification, Mass Production And Field Release) at IPB Bogor; and Development of Management Research for Senior Researchers at BLPP Ciawi.

While at the national level, He’s often invited as invited speakers, keynote speaker, in various seminars, workshops, or other scientific forums. He is also active in collaborating with various Ministries or LPND such as: Research and Technology, Diknas, and LIPI. As a researcher, Marwoto has produced more than 140 scientific papers written by himself or with other researchers, published in journals, proceedings and books, nationally and internationally. For his achievements, he received awards, namely: outstanding researcher at the Food Crops Research Institute; Outstanding Researcher in BALITKABI, Malang; and Outstanding Researcher of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency.

Activities currently actively participated by Marwoto include; 1.) active in research activities to control rice pests on soybeans; 2.) activities related to increasing soybean production to achieve self-sufficiency; 3.) guiding junior researchers in preparing scientific papers and being a motivator; 4.) bestari partners from scientific journals, Fiber and Agrivita plant research center, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Brawijaya; 5.) the head of the Research Institute for Legumes and Tubers; 6.) directly continue to develop farmer groups producing biological agents in East Java; contribute to the development of local resource-based integrated pest control. 7) As a member of the Ministry of Agriculture’s National soybean production improvement team, 8) As a lecturer at the Faculty of Agriculture, Tri Bhuwana Tungga Dewi University, Malang in 2017 until now. 9) During the 2021-2022 Pandemic, as a resource for IPM and increasing soybean production from the Director General of Food Crops, Ministry of Agriculture.